Haiyan Benefit Anthology

by thatrogersguy

Every now and then a tragedy happens that makes the whole world stop in their tracks, last month’s super typhoon in the Philippines was one such tragedy. The United Nations estimates that  2.5 million people desperately require aid, with reports of hunger and thirst widespread amongst survivors.

The Haiyan Benefit anthology is the brainchild of comic writer Phil Woodward, bringing together comic creators from all over the globe to produce 150 colour pages of monsters and myths from Filipino folklore.

20131120131501-hardcoverstackI’m working on a short story for the book, working with artist Ben Holliday (Masks and Mobsters, Oren takes Flight) who I met on twitter via Mack Chater (who’s my artist on another anthology project).    The Indiegogo campaign is now live, so please order the book, pick up a great looking anthology and help those in need in the process.


Some of Ben Holliday’s previous work