One month into the year of doing

by thatrogersguy

As we hit the New Year I decided that 2014 needed to be the year of doing, the year of getting more work out there, the year of less procrastination, less over-analysing, less self-criticism, more fun, more experimentation, more motivation, more self-belief, more collaborations and more work in print.  And less than a month into the year, so far so go.

I have a number of different projects on the go, a mixture of short stories for anthologies and mini series ideas, and I’ve been lucky enough to receive inked, coloured and lettered pages in my inbox every week this year. Here are some of the latest works in progress.

The Eve

An 11 page story, written in reverse from pre-existing and appearing in Metaverse anthology.  The Eve has pencils and inks by Jason Copland, colours by Darren Brown and letters by HdE.

Here’s Page One lettered.


And coloured.


The whole story is lettered, and 4 of the pages are coloured.

The Moon Eater

A 4 page story, pencils and inks by Ben Holliday, colours by Kirsty Swan and letters by Colin Bell.  This story will appear in the Haiyan Benefit Anthology book, aiding victims of the super-typhoon last November.  You can pre-order the book, and help the cause here.

Here’s a colour version of Page One.  The story is all coloured and about to be lettered.

moon 1b

15-Minute Heroes

Cheuk Po has been very busy on this superhero reality show mini series, which we’ll be ready to pitch very soon. As well as the pitch pages we are very near to having all 24 pages of Issue 1 inked, with new pages arriving every week or so.


Alongside these projects, the two books I’m co-writing with Steve Aryan are also gaining pace. Simone Guglielmini has been sending over concepts and layouts for The Promise, and Maysam Barza is working through pencilling, inking and colouring pages for Flux.

2014, I’m loving it so far.