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Month: February, 2014

Metaverse hits Cardiff

This weekend is the second ever Cardiff Film and Comic Con, held once again in the building I will forever call Cardiff International Arena (sorry corporate sponsors).  Unfortunately, despite the show being on my doorstep, I’m no longer able to attend the event due to other commitments.  If you are heading along you’ll be able to pick up a new anthology  – Metaverse (edited by Terry Cooper and Simon Wilson), which features a story from yours truly.

METAVERSE is an anthology of graphic stories ranging in length from two to 14 pages. The themes are sci-fi and fantasy, and everything in between, with contributors from all over the world.  It’s launching at Cardiff Film and Comic Con on March 1st & 2nd.


The story I contributed, “The Eve”,  was reverse engineered, working with pre-existing pages created by Jason Copland (Daredevil, Robocop, Kill all Monsters). I changed the order around and shaped them into my own take on the characters and narrative.  It was a real challenge working that way, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’d be open to doing it again. It pushed me in creative directions I wasn’t expecting and really tested my mettle as a comic writer, I’m really happy with the end result.   “The Eve” was coloured by Darren Brown (Company of Killers, Ashfall) and letters by HdE (Serusis, Ursa Minor).

Metaverse features a raft of comics talent, including fellow members of Cardiff Comic Creators and some of my old workshop buddies from Comics Experience, so if you’re heading to Cardiff this weekend make sure you pick up, or alternatively look out for it coming soon to comic and book shops everywhere.



Bags of Action Episode 10 – DREDD (2012)

Episode 10 of Bags of Action is out now, Steve Aryan and I talk about DREDD.

Two months into 2014, and we’ve just about managed to keep to our one a month schedule. Fingers crossed that will continue.

Listen to the end of the ep to find out what’s in store in March’s Episode 11.