Exploring other universes

by thatrogersguy

Alongside project managing a large anthology book and working on 7 creator owned projects, I also have 2 short stories on the go both working with other people’s characters. I really enjoy the challenge of exploring someone else’s universe, and it’s all good practice for any work for hire gigs I might pick up in the future too. 

I was approached to be part of Shit Flingers:Bestiary anthology by writer Jimmy Furlong, who created the Shit Flingers world with artist Andrew Hartmann. When you read the premise you’ll see why I jumped in with both feet.

For their part in a terrible crime a group of 15th Century French soldiers are forever cast out from the world of men when they are each cursed, transformed into a different species of ape, by a powerful witch.

As someone who has started up two ape based comic imprints, Orang Utan Comics and Dapper Chimp Press, getting to play in a simian based story world certainly piqued my interest.


Shit Flingers Assembled! Art by Donovan Petersen, Colours by Michael Summers

I’ve written the first draft of my story, I have notes from Jimmy (a fellow writer on the British Comics Showcase project for Markosia) and I’m going to be rewriting next week. There’s a wealth or writing and artistic talent already on board to work on the book, and you can find out more and keep up to date with Shit Flingers on the Facebook page and tumblr.

The other short I’m working on is for Unseen Shadows, the universe created by Barry Nugent in his novel Fallen Heroes and its upcoming sequel Forgotten Warriors. This will be the third time I’ve gotten my hands on Barry’s characters, following one-shots about Napoleon Stone and Sir Oliver Cademus.  This time I’m turning my hand to Bob Kelsey.

Bob Kelsey is a reporter on the run from a centuries old cult he made the mistake of falling foul of. Unable to keep his reporter’s nose for a story out of other people’s business he now runs an underground blog investigating the weird, the strange and the downright surreal.

As well as appearing in Fallen Heroes, Bob’s adventures have been continuing in comic form. Cy Dethan and Valia Kapadai gave us the haunting one-shot The Immaculate Abortion of Dinah Leigh, which was followed by the Bob Kelsey Investigates web-comic.  I’m working on a short story for the web-comic alongside artist Ken Perry (who I met through the Comics Experience workshop).  The story is pretty much plotted out, and I’ve been making dialogue notes, with a view to getting the script done this week. Below is a page from Cy and Valia’s story to whet your appetite.

Keeping busy is definitely motivating, jumping between universes is the cherry on that particular cake.