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Month: January, 2015

Bags of Action Episode 18 – Predator

The latest episode of Bags of Action is out now. Find out what Steve Aryan and I think about the John McTiernan directed Arnie classic here.


Start as you mean to go on

I gave myself two simple goals for 2015 – write more and read more. This certainly isn’t the first year where I’ve given myself these two objectives, but it already feels like the year that I’m most likely to sustain it.


A quote from Stephen King’s On Writing book, as seen in Brian Michael Bendis’ Words for Pictures book.

I’ve already carved out time to read more books since Christmas than I have in some time and I’ve devoured two volumes of Saga (3 & 4), both volumes of Near Death, Superman Earth One, the first Azzarello/Chiang Wonder Woman trade, The Fuse Vol.1 and Parker – Slayground. I have plenty more books queued up on my iPad or sitting unread on my shelf, such as all of 100 Bullets, some of the Dark Tower adaptations, The Death of Captain America omnibus and novels like Chris Lynch’s The Magpye: Circus and my signed copy of Neil Gaiman’s The ocean at the bottom of the lane.

On the writing front, as well as the obvious ‘write every day’ mantra that I’ve been aiming to stick to for many years, I’ve given myself some specific goals. I may not achieve all these in 2015, but I’ll certainly give it my best shot. Whichever book gets picked up by a publisher first is the most likely to jump to the top of that pile.

Flux – complete the mini series. (Scripts 2-4)
The Promise – complete the mini series. (All scripts)
The Rush – complete one issue (part of multi writer project)
Viva Las Venus – complete the mini series.  (All scripts)
Saturday Mornings – complete the mini series. (All scripts)
Fifteen-Minute Heroes – complete the mini series (Scripts 3-4)

Along with these comic based ideas, I’m also considering a return to screenwriting for the first time since the Western I wrote in the late 90s. The plan there would be to do something that could be made on a relatively small budget, probably set in one or two locations with a small cast. The kind of thing I’d have at least a small chance of being able to get made, in theory at least. Failing that a short or two might be the way to go.

Who knows what this year will bring, whatever I do or don’t get done, it certainly won’t be for lack of trying.

Bags of Action Episodes 16 and 17 – Red Heat and Last Action Hero

Looks like I completely neglected to share the November and December episodes of the podcast.

If you’re a fan of the “Austrian Oak”, Arnold Schwarzenegger you’ll want to catch up with these before we delve into Predator later this month.

Find out what Steve and I thought of East meets West actioner Red Heat.  

Then see what we both had to say about meta movie Last Action Hero.