Multi award winning advertising creative Peter Rogers came to comics via a series of screenwriting courses at Raindance in London.

He burst onto the scene in 2004, winning the Writer’s Pitching Session at the Bristol Comic Expo. In 2007 he co-founded Orang Utan Comics, publishing anthology title Eleventh Hour featuring his own short stories alongside the work of other rising talent. A year later the book was nominated for an Eagle Award.

In the years that followed he’s had a wide variety of work published about a variety of subjects including soldiers, vampires, vikings, superheroes, footballers and demon hunters. A qualified teacher he also lectures and runs workshops on writing for comics.

Currently working on a number of mini series proposals and a music based anthology book for 2014. He lives in Cardiff with his wife and daughter.

“The Interactives is an OGN that, dare I say it, is the perfect entry point to comics for teen readers.” Broken Frontier

“For those missing Captain Britain And MI:13, don’t fret, your new favourite British superteam are here.” – Rob Williams (Ghost Rider, Low Life)

“I would definitely read more comics from both this author and artist. It’s a powerful combination that shows the true power of imagination.” Sequential Tart