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The Interactives trailer

Just been reminded about this, if you haven’t read The Interactives this trailer shows you why you should.


Drive Thru Comics makes The Interactives Pick of the week.

Totally unexpectedly the first issue of The Interactives is the Pick of the Week at Drive Thru Comics.  So, if you’d like to read the first issue of the mini series as a PDF for just $0.99, you can do just that here.

Pick of the Week

The Interactives is a curious work

I’m very envious of the person who posted this review of The Interactives today.  You see they’re reading 365 graphic novels in 365 days (my review is nestled perfectly between Chew and American Vampire) and I’d love to find the time to do that.  Especially when I have so many unread graphic novels on my shelves and in my digital account.

It’s great to still be getting positive feedback almost a year since the book came out and almost two years since I finished writing it.  I’m still very proud of what me, Luciano Vecchio, Yel Zamor and Ian Sharman managed to achieve.   All I need now is one or two other books with my name on to sit alongside it on the shelf, and I’m most definitely working on that.




Interactives artist on DC’s Young Justice

If you’re read The Interactives then artist Luciano Vecchio will need no introduction. When I received the first test pages from him back in 2009 I was totally blown away. His character design is flawless and his storytelling and layout choices are exceptional. But the thing that made me so excited about collaborating with him on my first graphic novel was his ability to make characters act. You get a real sense of what they’re thinking and more importantly feeling in every panel on every page. For me that’s what elevates his work above his peers and also some far more established names in the comics industry.

That’s why I’m so pleased to see him getting the opportunity to showcase his talents on a larger stage now too, so that more people can appreciate quite how good he is. He’s been working on Ben 10 stories in DC Comics’ Cartoon Network Action Pack for a while now, and this month has seen him take another step on the road to sequential stardom. He’s the guest artist on Young Justice Issue 12, which came out today (following hot on the heels of Cartoon Network Action Pack 66 last Wednesday). Check out an exclusive preview here, and if you like it and want to see more of his work…well it goes without saying. So I won’t say it, as I’m off to download Young Justice instead.

Young Justice 12

Interactives interviews

Two more of the interviews I’ve done recently about The Interactives are now available.   The first was with Sequential Tart who gave the book a 9/10 rating in their pre launch review (a quote from the review also features on the book’s back cover).  Editor Sheena McNeil asked me some interesting questions about the book and my background in comics and you can find out what I had to say here.

The second interview was with long time supporters and all round good guys Scott and Steve from Comic Book Outsiders. Hear what we talked about by downloading the podcast here or through iTunes (you can also purchase their app).  As a long time listener and occasional guest host on the show it was a real honour to be asked to talk about

the book with them.   I was very pleased to hear that they both enjoyed it, and I’ve already been getting some positive feedback from their regular listeners.


Stunning new cover for The Interactives digital release

It’s only one short week until The Interactives will be available in print and things are moving ahead for the digital release too.  The final piece in that part of the jigsaw arrived in my inbox a few days ago, the cover to Issue 2.

Ever since I started working with Luciano Vecchio and Yel Zamoron the book I knew that I had assembled a very special art team. My intention was always to create a book that held its own visually when compared to anything else on the shelf from any other publisher.  I think that we’ve most definitely achieved that aim.  As Sugar Glider creator and North East Geekfeast podcaster Daniel Clifford put it “One of the best looking, if not THE best, British indie books I’ve seen.”

For me this cover sums up the talent and commitment they’ve both put into the project, there are almost 50 individual characters on show here.  As a writer I never cease to be anything other than humbled when my thoughts and words are brought to life in such spectacular fashion.

Feast your eyes is an overused phrased but it’s the right one here.  Because for this cover you’re going to need to loosen your belt and take it easy on the sofa for the next few hours because Christmas has come early.

Issue 2

The Interactives Issue 2

Sidekickcast Interactives interview

My first interview about The Interactives is part of Episode 55 of the Sidekickcast podcast, which you can download here.

I caught up with Gavin and Dan in the pub to give them the lowdown on the book. Gavin was the first person not involved with the book to read the first 2 issues, so it was great to hear his thoughts too. Parental advisory, NSFW etc. It’s about 58 minutes in.

It’s been an interesting week with Comic List and Down the Tubes covering the book along with Comic Bits Online. And I’ve been hard at work on Napoleon Stone and the Fragments of Fate writing the final 7 pages tonight.

Episode 55

The interactives covered by Comic Bits Online

Good to see The Interactives getting some online coverage courtesy of Comic bits online.

It features the first quote from Rob Williams in advance of his foreword for the book. “For those missing Captain Britain And MI:13, don’t fret, your new favourite British superteam are here.” – Rob Williams (Ghost Rider, Low Life).

Bristol Retrospective

If memory serves me correctly this year was my 8th Bristol Comic Expo in 9 years, pretty much evenly split between being a punter and being an exhibitor.   I was actually a sponsor in my first year in my own name, having originally paid on behalf of The Philistine Fellowship a short-lived collective of creators which was kind of a precursor to Orang Utan Comics.  Anyway I was there again this weekend and thought I’d give a potted round-up of how it went.


In an ideal world I would have been in Bristol from Friday night, but sadly my finances won’t quite stretch to two nights of Ramada bar prices these days.   So instead I was heading on the train from Cardiff early on Saturday morning, which in itself made a refreshing change from driving the last few years.   It was great to have so many of the Orang Utan team manning our tables this year and we were joined by PJ Holden on ocassion too who was sketching and extoling the virtues of miracle berries .  At different times across the weekend we had myself, Ian Sharman, Simon Wyatt, David Wynne, Yel Zamor, Holly Rose and special guest Luciano Vecchio on the table.   When I look back at the last five years it’s amazing to think how many people have worked under the Orang Utan banner and how big the hardcore central team has become.

As ever with Bristol I got to see lots of people I know pretty well but I also got to meet others for the first time.  One of these was Sugar Glider creator and twitter buddy Daniel Clifford,  who gave me a copy of his band’s album – Squares, very good, and I picked up A4 Comics presents from him too.  I also got to meet Luciano, who has been hard at work on The Interactives for almost two years on and off.  It was great to meet him in person and to get to talk more about the book and for him and Yel (part cosplaying as girl7) to get to meet too.   On a rare trip over to the Ramada I caught up with Harry Markos and talked more about The Interactives’ release, it’s such a great feeling when your publisher is so energized and excited about your book.   Meeting someone I was in school with who was there with 501st Garrison added an extra surreal element to proceedings too.

Our panel went well this time around and was a natural successor to last year’s,  plotting the changes to OUC, the work Ian and I have on for other publishers, David’s role as the new FTL Editor and also looking ahead to more graphic novels as part of our development plan.   Scott Grandison from Comic Book Outsiders did a great job as host and interviewer as ever.    After the show closed and I’d eventually convinced the hotel that I did indeed have a booking, the Orang Utan crew headed to The Colosseum for food with Dexter’s Half Dozen creators Jamie and Dave from Bearded Skull Comics before heading to the Ramada bar.  The Ramada bar was the usual blur of drink and conversation, I got to meet Andi Ewington and Matt Timson properly for the first time and caught up with fellow Cardiff Comic Creators Mike Collins, Jon Rennie, Kat Nicholson and Dylan Teague.  Although I didn’t get to see Rob Williams, Patrick Goddard or Lee Grice sadly.


As tends to be the norm Sunday began with a hangover and ended with a replacement bus service.  Once again we had a very full table and although sales were a lot slower than the day before we still had a good time.  It was great  to catch up with more creators and to spend extended time with the OUC core team too.   I got to meet Dylan Cook for the first time, which meant I could thank him for his pin up contribution to The Interactives as well.

My second panel appearance of the week was on the Small Press Big Ideas panel with Cy Dethan, Nic Wilkinson, Dan Thompson and Rich Clements talking about whether the notion of small press is relevant or outmoded in 2011.  It was an interesting and thought provoking debate and as someone who has always preferred the term indie to small press I found the whole thing fascinating.   It was also a great chance for all of the writers working on the spin off comics to Barry Nugent’s Fallen Heroes to be in the same place.  I’ve read an email from Nic tonight which outlines the masterplan for these books and it’s all very exciting indeed.

Highlights for me this year revolved around The Interactives, having the whole team together in person was great.  Yel has been helping Luciano by giving him some tourist information for the rest of his inagural European trip.  It looks like he’ll be exploring the London of The Interactives and possible Stonehenge, before heading to Paris and Amsterdam.  He let me choose two of the original pages to take home with me before he left and that made my weekend they look phenomenal and will definitely be getting framed to go up on the wall.  And  by far the funniest thing had to be seeing Ian Sharman trapped in the Mecure Hotel glass disabled lift.   When we’d all stopped talking photos and laughing we did actually get someone to help him get out, honestly.  More than anything Bristol has always been the convention where you get to see everyone, catch up and have a few drinks and it certainly delivered on that note.  Next year I have a feeling that a return to The Shed will make it one of the best Bristol’s yet.  Here’s hoping.

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The Interactives will be available in all good comic stores from August from Markosia.

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